Campaign for Compassion


Campaign for Compassion is a Pennsylvania based medical cannabis focused nonprofit comprised of caregivers of chronically ill children. In 2013 PA patients and caregivers who had run out of medical options began lobbying their legislators to create a medical marijuana law in Pennsylvania in order to get symptom relief as well as gain a better quality of life. The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana law, Act 16, was signed into law April 17, 2016, and the new program is being implemented by the PA Department of Health. Check out our history to learn more about C4C.

Vision - Mission - Values
Our vision, mission and values play a role in everything we do at Campaign for Compassion.
The decisions we make, the interactions we have with medical marijuana patients and caregivers, the way we partner with companies…all are shaped by our vision, mission and values.


Medical cannabis progress










Vision: Medical cannabis progress

Campaign for Compassion wants to see medical marijuana become an accepted medical treatment option for all of the sick and the suffering. We are committed to medical cannabis progress by educating the public and supporting research.

Mission: Educate, advocate, research

C4C's mission is to educate the public, advocate on behalf of patients, gain nonpartisan support, form corporate partnerships, and support research in order to foster medical marijuana progress.

Values:  Truth, respect, integrity, and service 
These Values remain a sound foundation on which we build the future of Campaign for Compassion. Our expectation is that all personal behaviors and organization decisions will be consistent with these values:

  • Truth: To educate the public about the truth of medical marijuana. 

  • Respect: To respect the dignity and inherent rights of the individual human being in all dealings with people.

  • Integrity: To maintain high moral and ethical standards and to reflect honesty, integrity, and reliability in all relationships.

  • Service: To serve fairly and in proper balance with the interests of all groups associated with the organization—patients, companies, physicians, researchers, government and the general public.