C4C History

When you try to pinpoint a moment in time that Campaign for Compassion became a movement in the Commonwealth it is difficult. We all did so much before C4C was an entity. There were many groups before us that blazed the trail for real medical cannabis reform. We were founded originally by mothers of patients that felt like they had no voice in the legislature and grew from one Mom strong to hundreds across the state. We found each other by chance, facebook posts or media attention. Once we found our team, ultimately made up of patients AND caregivers across the Commonwealth, we knew we were a force to be reckoned with. There was not ONE moment in time that we would have given up until medical cannabis became an option for Pennsylvania’s sickest citizens. Yet, we would not be here without the love and support of some of Pennsylvania’s most influential people.

  • Our legislature: In a bipartisan vote (and a long and winding road), they eventually led PA to a mind- blowing victory that will help the sick and suffering in Pennsylvania for years to come.

  • Our community: The commitment of our advocates and our community was why this bill did not languish in committee. Postcard campaigns, emails, calls, rallies and boots on the ground advocacy is what made this movement so effective.

  • Our allies: Our allies came in many forms, other advocacy groups, legislative liaisons, media contacts and every- day people that just “got” our lives. All were important and appreciated in our push for a comprehensive medical cannabis law in Pennsylvania.

  • Our friends: There are people that fit into a few of these categories, but this would NEVER have happened without the help of quite a few VERY important people (and then some). We started to name you all and the list just kept going and going…please just know that every single one of you MADE THIS HAPPEN in the Commonwealth and we owe you a debt of gratitude for your service, guidance, help and love throughout this journey. Some C4C members have moved on, and on March 8, 2017 C4C gained nonprofit status. 

As we continue to push for medical cannabis solutions in the Commonwealth, we are proud to stand beside our Legislature, our community, and our allies. 

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